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“Well, I’ve gotta go nail chill gym style,” Hill says, slapping Leo on the back.Agent Bedhead reported the first whispers of this weeks ago, but it’s always nice when another tabloid confirms – Life & Style says that for sure now, Alexander Skarsgard is hooking up with Adam Levine’s ex-girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna (also known as “Anne V”).), then you have already accepted several nonnegotiable truths before you meet up for a date: he will probably vape, he will probably arrive on a Citi Bike, he will use all of this clothes to hide his face from the paparazzi, he might wear a just because, and he will not dress up for the occasion. “Alina and her unidentified blonde friend.” “Cool.” Maguire nods his head. Maguire looks at him, then the trash, then back at Leo. Maguire bends down to pick up the trash and places it in the bin. Indeed, Jonah Hill, mankind’s new style savior, is ambling down the block by himself. Which is exactly how Leo turned up yesterday to a hang in Soho with model Alina Baikova, an unidentified blond woman, and founding member of Di Caprio & Co.'s P*ssy Posse, Tobey Maquire—who was dressed identically like Di Caprio." Maguire hangs his head. Finally, he feels something on the sleeve pocket of his bomber jacket. He breathes a sigh of relief, and pulls out a box of wintergreen Tic-Tacs. “Cool.” “Don’t worry,” Leo says, pulling the hood over his baseball cap. Huge fan.” The pair walk down the street, Leo leading the way. Spying some trash on the street, he stops in his tracks. The two men continue walking down the streets of Soho.

Life & Style can confirm that after her breakup with The Voice’s Adam Levine, she’s been getting cozy with True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgård, 35. The two continue on down the block until, in the distance, Leo spots Alina smiling and waving and heading towards them. He wants to hide—behind a Spidey suit or, better yet, an animated baby. “Nice seeing you, man.” “What a great actor,” Leo says, shaking his head in disbelief at how great an actor and friend and overall person Hill is.“They got together about a month ago in NYC and are still hooking up,” an insider close to Anne, 26, reveals to Life & Style. I guess Alex and Charlize Theron didn’t end up making it happen – it was probably just a few dates, a few hookups here and there.

The Russian-born beauty isn’t being coy about her current conquest, either. God knows, maybe they’re even friends with benefits still. It takes superior skills to go from Adam Levine (a blemish on any sexual resume) to Alex Skarsgard (the platinum internship of Boning).

Wherever Barbara Palvin goes, there's a little dust storm of controversy.

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