Validating radio button groups

We pledge to serve broadcasters, composers, and artists with uncompromising integrity and value by operating with the highest level of excellence. However, because Copyright, Royalty and Performance Fee Laws come with stringent and complex legal parameters we do offer our licensing service subject to the formal Terms Of Service below.Before you go there, however, here are some important, basic, plain-English operating parameters (and please note these are not our arbitrary rules, these policies are developed to meet the varied requirements of the various licensing entities as well as applicable copyright law): You agree to enter your Shoutcast and KH-Icecast stream parameters in our monitoring system so we can pull the needed data for license-entity, mandated reporting.I'd experienced much of what you shared with us over the three days, but I'd pushed it away.Your course was exactly what I needed to get through the fear and misconceptions and step over the threshold into the world of spirit. Participants will have an opportunity to practice their mediumship skills in a safe environment with each other, and John will work with everyone in the group to help establish the link with Spirit.

Should you program explicit programming (programming not generally considered family-safe) your website must so state, and you must check the Explicit checkbox in our Station setup window.If your service substantially consists of programming from requests, requests must be delayed for at least one hour. Your stream meta-data needs to include artist - title - album info (album info if available).We are required to forward this information to the various agencies so they know which artists and composers to pay and how much to pay them.This license is for non-interactive streaming which means your listeners may not determine in any way when a specific song will be played.

Non-interactive streaming specifically means broadcasting an Internet radio stream.

Especially if you live in non-United States, or non-Canadian jurisdictions do your own due dilligence before determining that Stream Licensing™ provides the coverage required for your jurisdiction.