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This step is optional but, if you have problems getting Entropy working, you will need to perform this step to get the latest version of Entropy from the Sabayon Portage overlay.Note: the first emerge --sync is a little time consuming, but it's a one-time deal.There can be critical things to take care of first before you can safely reboot.

The Entropy kernel image package will take care of upgrading the Grub2 file to include the new kernel image in the Grub menu.After it is done, make sure to: You will want to make your selection but you really should get to know your config files as they will change your system. I always look over the config files as I don't want some of my configs getting overwritten.The equo upgrade command does not upgrade the kernel if a new version happens to be available in the Entropy repository.For example, if you had just installed the 2.6.36 kernel image (the Entropy package sys-kernel/linux-sabayon-2.6.36) then you would have to install the relevant modules for it like so: If you do not include the "#2.6.36-sabayon" in the package name then, if the ati-drivers-10.10 package for an earlier version of the kernel happens to be in the repositories, it would be installed/re-installed instead of the module you need.

The above example assumes you are using the closed-source FGLRX driver for an AMD GPU, but the same principle applies if you are using an NVIDIA closed-source driver with an NVIDIA GPU, or if you are using any other software that is a kernel module (Virtual Box modules are another example).

Remember, doing regular upgrades will not upgrade the kernel: you need to invoke a kernel change.

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