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An example- I was given one of these for my consult with a surgeon for an injury nothing to do with my ALD.Also given this type for medical supplies from my pharmacy – again when I was not requiring anything to do with my ALD.I got all of this under false pretences because there was sod all wrong with me, but they had a bit of paper with a wavy line on it that said that my engine was missfiring, and my red stuff was as thick as treacle.

Hello everybody, I have lived here for 2 years and am fully integrated into the French healthcare via CPAM and a mutuelle.Before you arrive in France, start looking for lodging as soon as possible. If you are planning on looking for lodging when you arrive in France, remember to reserve temporary lodging until you can find somewhere permanent.If you are not a European Union national, complete the procedures to obtain your visa at least one month before your arrival in France.Also ALDs have to be renewed, I think mine is every 5 years.

specifying the medical condition in question for which you have 100% .

The 100% may be limited to part or may cover the whole of your treatment for your condition.

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