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Vouchers and other school reforms in many countries give parents increasing choice over where to send their children.

Moisturiser nourishes, lifts, smooths, revitalises, conditions, firms, refreshes and rejuvenates.Free choice is the basis on which markets work, driving competition and generating economic growth. The 20th century bears the scars of too many failed experiments in which people had no choice.But amid all the dizzying possibilities, a nagging question lurks: is so much extra choice unambiguously a good thing?The researchers repeated the experiment with chocolate as well as student essay topics and found similar results.

Too much choice, concluded Sheena Iyengar of Columbia University and Mark Lepper of Stanford, is demotivating.

Venture towards the gourmet fringes of the crisp offering, and the choice and exoticism multiply: jalapeño pepper, roast ox, horseradish and sour cream, Ludlow sausage with wholegrain mustard.

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