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It doesn’t have to be the birthdates of every politician, but things like: who won the last election, what are their plans and why you (don’t) agree.

We are here to help you get the facts and make wise decisions. You can have ease of mind knowing the person you are trusting is legitimate.However I noticed (after reading the letters shown in the list) that there are certain things, you can notice before the scammer reaches your bank account. If you have a profile without a pic on some site and hardly ever get any replies from ladies and then have bunches of love letters from some kind of a Russian beauty, ask yourself: what is there that could make her fall in love that quickly? Russian girls have less technical possibilities than those, who live next door to you.Would you be able to fall in love with the profile you made that quick? Bunches of professional pics is a reason to think twice before getting close to that person.If you are polite and ask nicely, showing interest to her and her life, "normal" woman will make it and send it to you.4.

You can ask later on for the pics she sent you before.

If you say that your aunt died/ your son went to school/you got a promotion and she says, that the weather is still fine, it is a reason to have doubts about the letters.8.

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