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Many of these initial immigrants stayed on at the end of their contracts, and this has led to the rich intermingling of Indian and Surinamese cuisines and flavors.As many of the Indian migrants came from the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar as well as from British Guiana, Surinam’s Hindustani cuisine reflects the influences of North Indian food, featuring dishes such as roti, spicy mango chutney, chicken masala ( The Dutch who colonized Suriname also had colonial outposts in the Dutch East Indies; the Dutch colonies brought over Javanese laborers to Suriname from 1890 onward, many of whom remain clustered in and around the capital city of Paramaribo.These Chinese workers, many of whom came from southern China, brought their native Hakka and Cantonese cuisine to the Americas.Over time, as these Chinese migrant laborers completed their work contracts, many of them intermarried with Creole women, resulting in a rich blend of Chinese-Creole cuisine, where particular Chinese vegetables and ingredients such as Chinese cabbage, bitter melon and Chinese sausage are combined with local flavours like The largest ethnic community in Suriname, many of the country’s Indian population immigrated to Suriname as part of a joint labour agreement with Great Britain whereby laborers came to Suriname on five-year work contracts.In particular, these include cassava, sweet potato, maize, beans, pineapple, peanuts, peppers as well as seafoods and meats native to the area.Amerindian-Surinamese favorites include cassava bread ( From the 16th century through 1652, Suriname saw the influx of European explores and traders, from Spain, Great Britain, France and The Netherlands, as well as waves of Jewish settlers who immigrated to Suriname.From Amerindian to Lebanese influences, this book is an indispensable guide to food in this small South American country.Long before Spanish explorers first ‘discovered’ Suriname in 1499, the Arawak and the Warao people settled in present-day Suriname around 1000 BC.

The richness of the forested land provided abundant ingredients, many of which feature heavily in Surinamese cuisine.Site features include Jamaican chat, photo profiles, and much more.i Phone 4 Face Time Video Sex Line Chat - free i Phone 4 (NYC/LI)Date: 2010-06-27, PM EDTReply to: [email protected][Errors when replying to ads?Peanut butter, rice, cinnamon as well as cornmeal and plantains and other root vegetables native to Suriname are used heavily in Afro-Surinamese cuisine, which reflects the cooking techniques of West Africa.