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While married couples with children enjoy an average income of $80,000, single mothers average only $24,000.Though poverty is the primary risk factor for fatherlessness, absenteeism among fathers has also been overwhelmingly a black problem, regardless of poverty status, reports the Times.

Only 12 percent of black families below the poverty line have both parents present, compared with 41 percent of poor Hispanic families and 32 percent of poor white families. But the move toward single-parent homes has included every race.Last week, I was sitting in a hotel lobby waiting to meet with a friend.As I waited, I noticed a woman having coffee with her mother.In Kentucky and Louisiana, where the black population stayed the same, single parenthood increased six percent.

has produced an interactive map showing the highest and lowest rates of fatherlessness across the country.

She's generally satisfied and settled in many areas of her life, but she doesn't actively date, she's never been married or, if she was previously married, it was for a short time and many years ago.

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