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But now the organizer of the out-of-control event in Mc Kinney - where a mob of over 100 youngsters descended upon a private swimming pool and childrens park for a riotous event called the Dime Piece Cookout - is using the controversy to launch a herself as a fledgling model.In a press release sent out Wednesday, the organizer, Tatanya Rhodes, said that she will turn the 'negative attention of the unfortunate Mc Kinney pool party events into a positive jumpstart for her modeling career'.Her deception festers open wounds within Black communities and makes light of issues that can be detrimental our collective self-esteem.She belittled the reality of Black experience If Dolezal had truly been concerned about really helping the community that she passed into, her energy should have been directed towards creating awareness about how Black women are treated within society. Dajerria Becton and the other Black children at the Texas pool party do not have the ability to pass into another culture so easily.Police were called to the incident amid reports of a fight, with a video subsequently going viral showing a while male officer body slamming a bikini-clad black teenage to the ground and brandishing his gun at other black teens.Resigned: Eric Casebolt, a police officer in Mc Kinney, Texas, stirred widespread controversy by pulling his gun on partying teenagers and forcefully throwing 15-year-old Dajerria Becton (pictured) onto the ground Threatened: Eric Casebolt quit his job after the incident.) and racial taunts that many of us experienced as children about the “state” of our hair.

While storyboards in the cemetery told of its history, including the Confederates interred there, they made no mention of the African Americans who fought the Rebels and won.Now, under pressure from champions of that legacy, what has been described variously as an “oversight” and an “injustice” has been set right.The VA National Cemetery Administration has installed a storyboard recounting the history of the USCT, many of whom trained at Camp William Penn in Cheltenham Township and died on battlefields from Virginia to Texas.Dolezal took what once what could be perceived as a powerful political statement by an accomplished woman — the decision to have big, natural hair — into a parody.