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Apart from difficulties a person may experience as a result of an impairment, they can expect to experience additional problems as a result of the societal response to it.The problems due to the societal response are called disabilities.We asked what would give an anarchist society solidarity and whether the state increased or decreased individual freedom.." Then adding as a "typical textbook definition" the "study of the social lives of humans, groups and societies".) of situations - Like coping with the complex negotiations of meaning involved in buying a newspaper from a newspaper stall.

So, by a strange convolution, one gets ethnomethodology, in sociology, which is a method of theoretical analysis of individuals constructing and maintaining the social order (culture?Durkheim argues that sociology is the scientific study of society: Of the real social forces that contrain our individual actions .It is a Weberian as distinct from a Durkheimian approach.Twenty-five thousand are so severely handicapped as to need constant care or supervision every day and practically every night, a further 132,000 needing constant day-care.

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