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The Clovis culture was replaced by several more localized regional cultures from the time of the Younger Dryas cold climate period onward.Post-Clovis cultures include the Folsom tradition, Gainey, Suwannee-Simpson, Plainview-Goshen, Cumberland, and Redstone.This appears to have been triggered by a vast amount of meltwater – possibly from Lake Agassiz – emptying into the North Atlantic, disrupting the thermohaline circulation.The Younger Dryas impact hypothesis or Clovis comet hypothesis originally proposed that a large air burst or earth impact of a comet or comets from outer space initiated the Younger Dryas cold period about 12,900 BP calibrated (10,900 The hypothesis has been largely contradicted by research showing that most of the conclusions cannot be repeated by other scientists, and criticized because of misinterpretation of data and the lack of confirmatory evidence.This clever, charming, dedicated mama of four is going to find love – and of the best kind.And when it happens the kids will feel what exactly?Archaeologists' most precise determinations at present suggest that this radiocarbon age is equal to roughly 13,200 to 12,900 calendar years ago.

1, an archaeological site between the towns of Clovis and Portales, New Mexico.

In 2011, remains of Gomphothere were found; the evidence suggests that humans did in fact kill two of them here.

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