Pair and spare dating

Most of my friends were settling down, but I had no desire to have children – I’d never felt the maternal pull.I also had a one-way ticket to South America burning a hole in my handbag.This constant tug-of-love is tough for the father, too.Christian, a 35-year-old dad to girls aged three and six, puts it neatly: ‘My girlfriend is the most understanding person on Earth.But, it turns out, I’m pretty good with kids and they’re actually heaps of fun (when you don’t have a hangover). Whether or not you want kids of your own one day is a vital conversation to have early on, according to clinical psychologist Dr Claire Halsey.‘Some fathers vow not to have more children, especially if they’ve experienced bitter divorces; others are determined to do it again, this time with the right person,’ she says.I was in no hurry to settle down, but it is a luxury to get a preview of the kind of father your partner will be.Three years ago, baby talk of any kind left me itching to start a conga, just to lighten the mood.