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He bought this loud red Japanese style gown, complete with little dragons, and split almost to the hip.Completed with black lace gloves, past the elbows, the finishing touch was a raven black wig cut in the style of a page boy.Being who I am, saying what I’m thinking, asked Daddy at breakfast.

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My friend became Eva, the little French girl here on business.My best friend is a delightfully colorful person, walks to his own drumbeat.One day he just up, and said “I’m gay”, being naive, and very sheltered had an idea what it was, but not so sure.Daddy did a lot of head scratching, but kept his consul to himself.

Back to family; to say painful word to antagonize him, would have hurt me.

It’s a Conservative crowd, so dressed in a conservative fashion. Hair put up in ringlets, falling to my shoulders with simple pearls weaved in, and a necklace of the same.

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