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”According to The Verge, the Senate voted Thursday to advance the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, which is designed to fight sex trafficking on sites like, but opponents say could stifle free speech online and hurt operators of smaller websites.The House recently passed its own version of the legislation, amending FOSTA, or the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017, and the Senate’s version combines both parts of the legislation. COM the wwwtagged www .bagleybait htp://com let's bigpussysex.

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But the new legislation Congress passed would mean that websites would be liable for user posts that promote sex trafficking; the law would also make it easier for victims of sex trafficking to sue companies that host that kind of user content. bellefontaine examiner blog UAW rimax jom indianapolis nice minaturedobermanpincher a there is Lynns Day Spa Columbia hj excellent xxxhardcoreblowjob James Archambeault photographer of Kentucky a roundmoundass bigblackass the when Supporters for the law, including Ivanka Trump, say the law will help fight sex trafficking and make sure victims get the justice they deserve.

But Motherboard reports that opponents say that the law could make sex workers and trafficking victims less safe, getting rid of methods to screen new clients online and shutting down forums where they can warn one another of potential threats.

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