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You can change that folder via ' Extra'-menu If you don't select anything here a "My PS3Games Updates"-folder will be created and used inside progam-folder - Using the "Delete outdated Updates"-option in batch-mode allows you to clean up your game-updates-archive and keep it up-to-date.Tip: Activate batch-mode - archive will be updated - In batch mode select a game-archive-folder. Example for a typical valid text line: "BLUS12345 WHATEVER_YOU_LIKE_TO_WRITE_HERE" - If you create the "Install Updates Discs" to "GAMES"-folder you will have all updates for a game as disc ready for offline-installation, without the need to 1st copy over to PS3.- While creating a "Bubble"-PKG-Install-Disc just drag&drop the PKG-Files, which should be included in the disc. This application aims to improve the experience of switching between Steam branches of the game by avoiding the inconvenience of additional downloads every time you change.Play Station 3 Homebrew Developer Rudi Rastelli stops by the forums and releases two new updates for two of his many useful Tools.

often games have only one type) TIP: At 1st time just copy over all RIFs and EDATs you'll find. Set up in LIBERATORs main menu: a) "PSN Game Folder" = "PSN CONTENT\LOCKED\PSN GAMES\[Game ID]\" b) "PSN Game Unlock File" = "PSN CONTENT\UNLOCKS\****[Game ID]****.edat" (only if you've found an *.edat" for your game) 5. - If you like you can add (dev_)klics you've found yourself to "my_klics.txt"(located in "Tools"-subfolder). - Keep in mind that a "Bubble"-PKG-Install-Disc can get really big depending on the number of and size of the PKG-Files you've added. Hi ich habe Left 4 dead gestartet und es hat geladen und dann konnte ich auf start drücken. Wenn ich das Spiel starte kommt das Valve logo (Der Glatzkopf mit dem Ventil auf dem Hinterkopf) und dann das Left 4 Dead Intro (Das kleine Filmchen). Also, ich habe mir gestern Dead By Daylight geholt.. Ich will das Gane spieln, aber ich habe nicht dirext x aufm Rechner? Seitdem ich bei meinem Smartphone i OS 11 installiert habe, werden Apps mit Ingameupdater (wie z B Fire Emblem: Heroes) ständig neu geladen. ich klicke auf spielen und dan steht da "left 4 dead 2 wird gestartet",dan geht das fenster weg und das wars.. Undzwar: Ich habe mir Left 4 Dead 2 100% legal bei Steam erworben. ich habe es über steam gekauft (MIT PSC) und als ich es dan starten wollte ging es einfach nicht an.. PSN Liberator v0.95B was released which was a bug fix release which should see a slight increase in working conversions as some games do not work with the PSN liberator tool.

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    Installation ===== To install game use After install run Updater. The last update to the Xbox 360 version was on August 3, 2012. Overview ===== Set in the.…