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In addition to the open source version, it comes in three cloud-based paid versions. The u Engine BPM suite includes three separate components: BPM Foundation with a process engine and modeling tool; the process portal with personalization, single sign-on, and dashboard capabilities; and the BP Analyzer with OLAP analyzing and charting abilities.It supports multiple languages, including English, but because it is developed by a Korean company, parts of the Web site and interface sound strange to native English speakers. This community-run ERP project integrates well with Drupal and other open source projects to create a complete suite of business software.On the A7 Platform, Dolibarr is best used as a stock and warehouse management software to complement to more robust CRM software like v Tiger and accounting applications like Simple Invoices or Quick Books online. tm ready feature allows companies to minimize data entry errors, streamline processes and improve productivity. It's Web-based and offers advanced search capabilities, e-mail notifications, reporting, excellent security, custom fields and workflow, and more. Fly Spray describes itself as "an uncomplicated, Web-based bug tracking system written in PHP for assisting with software development." It supports multiple databases, including My SQL and PGSQL, and it's easy to use. The GNU project's bug tracking system stores issue and resolution information in a central searchable database and communicates with users via a variety of mechanisms.By signing up for this application on A7 Platform you are always guaranteed to have an up to date tool while being able to rely on us for personal and complementary assistance. Java Script isn't enabled in your browser, so this file can't be opened. This Web-based bug tracker integrates with most SQL databases and can be accessed with any browser.By enabling the required modules and making enhancements where necessary, users can tailor the software to suit the needs of their business ranging from customer, project and inventory management to accounting. tm which is the A7 Apps Connect in-app step by step tutorial which makes it easy for new users to navigate through this comprehensive software without having to sit through expensive classroom trainings, plough through user manuals or hours of video tutorials.Having a single resource management business application is key to scale your business and free up your team's time to focus on the more important aspects of your business. It supports Subversion, Git, and Mercurial, and the website includes a helpful demo and a link to comparisons of various bug tracking systems. Used by thousands of organizations, including Mozilla, Facebook, the Linux kernel, the Apache Project, The New York Times, Yahoo and NASA, Bugzilla makes it easy for software development teams to track issues and code changes.It's easy to install and has an enormous list of features. Short for "Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools," BIRT is an Eclipse-based tool that adds reporting features to Java applications.Actuate is a company that co-founded BIRT and offers a variety of software based on the open source technology. Designed for enterprises that use open source ERP systems including Post Books and XTuple ERP, this project offers business intelligence tools that extend the capabilities of those ERP solutions.

It aims to meet the needs of both business people and software developers. Users of this BPM solution include Directv, Trane, the governments of France and the Canary Islands, and Konica Minolta.In addition to the open source version, it comes in teamwork, efficiency and performance subscription packs. The "world's most widely deployed Business Process Management System," Intalio BPMS comes in community and enterprise editions.The same company also offers Intalio BPM, a cloud-based version based on the same underlying technology. Used by organization like Toyota, Lenovo, Lehman College, ADL and others, Process Maker is a Web-based BPM solution that makes it easy to map out workflows.Dolibarr is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that enables small and medium business, freelancers, and foundations to manage and streamline core business processes with ease.

Do not let the user interface fool you, Dolibarr is actually a powerful and comprehensive tool.

If you are a services firm, a manufacturing firm or a wholesaler, Dolibarr is ideal for you to manage your resources.

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