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Road and rail related transport facilitation programs The best approach to improve CB cooperation is in the framework of an already accepted larger trade facilitation program that implies the identification of Regional road and rail corridors and helps to avoid the duplication of work with regard to other assistance programs.In the past and at present, trucks were and are checked twice at Regional CB-posts.Thus, in order to come to a more practical methodological approach, it is strongly recommended to optimize the work and composition of existing Trade and Transport Facilitation Committees bearing in mind that the initial step should be to focus on existing administrative and commercial structures, but trying to reinforce and improve them with the Technical Assistance of the Euro Med Transport Project.Here, the comments from NC and/or their competent administrative bodies could give valuable inputs.

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Also the To R of the Euro Med Transport Project – Main Contract II (MC II) foresees the creation of Geographic and Thematic Expertise Groups that have to deal under others with CB-cooperation.In order to avoid traffic jams in front of the CB control posts, there has to be sufficient space for the parking of vehicles next to the joint immigration and customs offices.Learning from bad experience in other regions of the world, there must be an efficient traffic (parking) management on the newly installed parking areas.After the presentation of a new approach for the Regional CB-cooperation at the National Coordinator Team meeting at the Dead Sea on 6 and 7 April 2010, it was decided that the Team Leader of MC II works out a paper that explains more in detail the new approach for CB-related infrastructure and procedures.

Introductory remark After the presentation of this paper at the NCT 8 meeting in Saragossa on 7th of June 2010 it was decided that it will be sent to all participants, in order to obtain their comments not later than two weeks after reception.

We can call this system an institutionalized Round Table that is also active on bilateral, trilateral or multinational levels and surely on EU level.