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Please, refer to a separate page listing some of those, as maintained by the community.That list also includes references to conference proceedings and article collections that might be of general interest.The author-date system is more common in the sciences and social sciences.In this system, sources are briefly cited in the text, usually in parentheses, by author’s last name and year of publication.The Root Zone KSK Operator DPS contains this statement, laying a requirement for a rollover in Section 6.5: 3 October 2016 – At first: ICANN will generate new DNSSec key (Info World) 19 September 2016 – The Cryptographic Key That Secures the Web is Being Changed for the First Time (Motherboard) 15 September 2016 – ICANN Prepares Web World for Major DNSSEC Security Update (V3) 25 August 2016 – The DNSSEC Master Key Securing the Internet is Changing. RDF is a standard model for data interchange on the Web.

The requirements [PDF, 116 KB] for generating and maintaining the root zone KSK, as well as the respective responsibilities of each of the RZM partners, were specified by NTIA.The Cooperative Agreement between NTIA and Verisign was also amended in July 2010 to reflect Verisign's Root Zone ZSK Operator responsibilities.The IANA Functions Contract required a Root Zone KSK rollover, but did not provide detailed requirements, or a detailed timeline or implementation plan.In this system, sources are cited in numbered footnotes or endnotes.

Each note corresponds to a raised (superscript) number in the text.

This graph view is the easiest possible mental model for RDF and is often used in easy-to-understand visual explanations.