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This razor is said to be slightly less aggressive, but a favorite of many wet shaving enthusiasts because of its thicker handle and great knurling.Both doors open and closes properly and the bottom twists smooth as pie. So "A-1" means January-March Looking at some of my razors there is a red tip Super Speed that has B2 stamped on the underside of the head, this razor was made in April, May or June of and it still shaves perfectly today. Gillette Tuckaway safety razor in the original nickel dating old gillette razors case. 6/21/ 0 Comments Dating Gillette Razors and Blades: 'How old is this razor? Great looking silver case dating old gillette razors raised ADating Gillette Safety Razors. This photo shows the seam between the Replica key and the razor.The interior material is still in tact and also in mint condition, truly a beautiful case.The Gillette Lettering & Logo on the inside lid of the interior is still in tact and perfectly visible and easily visible.

This vintage Gillette Tech now features a brand new, bright and shiny, rhodium finish.NEWLY REPLATED 18k Gold 1950s Gillette Aristocrat TTO Double Edge Safety Razor w/ original Case, Blade Bank, & NOS DE Blades for display Stock #: NBR0174Price: $219.95 Shipping JIMINI CHRISTMAS, take a gander at this gorgeous 1950s Gillette Aristocrat set.This is one absolutely beautiful vintage safety razor set and in like new condition.Not only does this set come with this stunning razor, but also included is the original Case this razor was sold with and Gold Tone Gillette Blade Bank.

This case is in Mint condition with virtually no wear to the exterior.

Still perfectly visible is the silver trim around the case edges and lid.

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