Dating aloof man

It’s a little rough out there for a Capricorn man in love (NOT to be mispronounced as ‘Crap’icorn), because though he will laugh with you when you crack this joke for the umpteenth time, he will go home and mull over it, and all of a sudden your relationship with him is under scrutiny! Since Capricorn men in love already have it so hard, I would like to focus on the bright side of things!Once you get to know your Capricorn man, he is the guy you’ll want to be around all the time – great company and a barrel of laughs!

But once he finds it, he will work even harder to maintain it.If you are in love with a Capricorn man, you must convince him that you are here to stay, and then he will open up like flower blooms from a bud.The quality of a love affair with a Capricorn man improves with age (wine much! So you must hang in there and not run away at the drop of a hat! Life with your Capricorn man in love will not be an adventure every single minute, because he is more into security and stability for you and his family, which you can become a part of if you understand him. He, however, is pessimistic and only the right partner can help him overcome this to revitalize his attitude.He will be your strength and support and play the role of the protector. A Capricorn is practical and good at managing his finances.

He is not fickle or unfaithful, because before making the decision to be with you, he has weighed all pros and cons. He will make sensible and realistic investments for the two of you.

This is his device to know you better before committing to you for life.

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