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A warm, open manner goes a long way in making students feel at ease and encouraging them to regard the classroom as a pleasant, but serious, place to be.Regarding appropriate dress, imagine that someone who was unfamiliar with the class walked into the classroom.Experienced instructors can attest that talking faster does not usually lead to the students’ learning more.A better strategy is to plan, in detail, how the three hours of class time per week will be used to meet the needs of the students.These can be helpful and provide anecdotes that can help in preparation for your first time teaching.In the classroom as well as elsewhere, first impressions are particularly important (Buchert, Laws, Apperson, & Bregman, 2008).For many student questions, the instructor can direct them to read the syllabus.One of the most distressing situations for the new instructor to handle involves students engaging in inappropriate or offensive behavior.

Because of this misperception, students may be reluctant to ask questions about the material, because the instructor has described his or her involvement in making the exams as limited.In this column, we provide some tips for the first-time graduate student instructor.In our view, the biggest challenges involve managing interactions with students both in and out of the classroom.They should be able to locate the instructor by sight either because of their professional attire and/or their demeanor.

Instructors can also make sure that all course policies are explained in the course syllabus.

There is simply not enough time to cover every topic in the textbook in the typical three-credit college course.

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