Dating a girl 3 years younger than you

There are people who think more than 2 years older/younger=not okay. I wouldn't call it wrong per say, but it isn't something I would personally go for.I am 21 and for me the golden age range is 18-20 and I really want them to be out of high school....These days the idea of young women dating older – often significantly older - men barely raises an eyebrow. A long stints in an asylum for the criminally insane? But just because she hasn’t shared a similar experience, don't feel that she wouldn't relate to your life or your issues; open up and you never know what wisdom she could offer.

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and how much could you really have in common with a teenage girl that much younger than you? I don't see why this would be funny, as you probably couldn't tell the difference in age in most cases.It's courteous for both sides to be aware of the reality of the situation, and remember there’s a difference between generosity and showing off.Don’t let her take advantage of you …Unless you want her to - which is fine, but only if you have expectations of a very short relationship.We get it, you're financially comfortable, but unless you are a member of the Kardashian family, you do not need that much bling. Don't flash the cash too freely Salaries generally get bigger with age, so there’s a reasonable chance that you earn more than she does.

This might mean you both have different lifestyle expectations.

You have an odd sense of age if you think 23 is old or even near old. Anyway as long as shes over 18 there isn't a problem, plus once you get a bit older, like say 30 years old then 4 or 5 years age difference is nothing, its only when your young that it really matters.