Concrete5 rss displayer not updating

You can view products of this vendor or security vulnerabilities related to products of Concrete5.If you install concrete5 with the default content, you'll get a blog on your website.For more general information on packages check out concrete5developer documentation.Our package is going to contain a blog, with a single dashboard page through which we can enable or disable comments on a sitewide basis, and through which we can add our Disqus shortname, since we're going to use the Disqus comments system instead of the guestbook block which the default installed blog uses.Everything else is optional or will depend on what the package application is intended to achieve, but typically it may contain blocks, single pages, controllers, page types, libraries, and of course themes.It's good practice to include an with your package, although nothing breaks if you don't.Our first step is to create our package folder structure. This can be named as anything, but you might want to choose something you can rely on to be unique.

Here we are going to show you how to add some additional optimizations that we use to really increase the performance of the system and most importantly the website for its end-users. For the purposes of this tutorial, we are going to show you how to implement these optimizations through c Panel.

In our Sitemap, we should have a new page called 'blog' which is accessible at the URL method.