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Also, if there is something specific you'd like discussed, either comment or send me an email about it.I do take requests and get to them as I am able :) Actually, I've been thinking about this issue for the last couple of days, and my take on this right now is that, while "making friends" seems to involve basically making a lot of rapport, seduction and persuasion seem to require a good balance of making and breaking rapport. I guess that's where the mind games and seduction methods try to bring a roadmap...So, it is quite possible to do so, while also maintaining those three pieces of rapport.

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Rapport is also a perspective and way of relating to others.Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor Have you ever had a time when you just couldn't connect with someone?Maybe you just couldn't "click" with someone attractive you were trying to talk to in a coffee shop or bookstore. Or maybe, it was a relationship partner, with whom you couldn't quite see eye-to-eye.Whatever the case, it is common to have problems connecting with others from time to time. Definition: a relation marked by harmony, conformity, accord, or affinity. No doubt if you've read a book on dating, relating, or pick-up, then you've probably seen that word.

These failed connections weaken the relationships you have and lessen the possibility of getting new partners that you don't yet have. Usually, it is followed by some description about making eye contact, nodding your head, copying a partner's body movements (mirroring), and smiling.

Too much rapport only and a strong friendship will develop without passion (what the PUAs might call "let's just be friends").