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For television series, she has played "Jean Binnel" for three episodes of Friday Night Lights (2008), "Liza West" for episode Slipping (2008) of Cold Case, and "Heather Dreeban" for the episode Guatemala Gulfstream (2008) of Raising the Bar (with Brent Tarnol).Following her stint on Heroes, Brea appeared in Halloween 2 (with Malcolm Mc Dowell, Bill Fagerbakke, and Mark Christopher Lawrence), Trance (with Madeline Zima), several episodes of Valley Peaks, several episodes of A Good Knight's Quest (with Ben Cain), Homecoming, The Weathered Underground, an episode of Those Aren't Muskets, an episode of CSI: Miami (with Clea Du Vall and Wes Ramsey), NCIS: Los Angeles, and several episodes of Dexter (with Gary Wayton) as the recurring character "Ryan Chambers".On the Death squad podcast network, Pereira launched his podcast Pointless on October 4, 2012.On February 4, 2013, Pereira appeared on the political web show The Young Turks as a co-host.Brea Grant is the actress who portrays Daphne Millbrook.Brea Grant has appeared in films such as The Suit (2007) and You're So Dead (2007), the short film Multiple Choice (2008), and appeared in Max Payne (2008, co-starring Jamie Hector), Corpse Run (2008), Middle of Nowhere (2008), and Midnight Movie (2008).

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On October 4, 2012 Pereira launched his podcast Pointless on the Deathsquad podcast network, but is now doing his own podcast on Super Creative.She recently wrote, directed, and starred in the film Best Friends Forever.Besides film and television series, Brea has appeared in television commercials for companies such as Busch Gardens and Volvo.In the year 2002, Kevin worked as a production assistant on the talk show G4

After this he moved to Pulse and Arena and quickly moved to another G4 show named The Screen Savers in the year 2004. For a year, he co-hosted a show with Sarah Lane and then with Olivia Munn.

In the meantime he produced Viral Video Showdown for Sy Fy titled.